wedding bands

The wedding band is a symbol of commitment and union. Don’t settle for something standard when you can have your wedding band be something that not only reflects your marriage, but also your personality. Our wedding band design process is easy and gives you creative control to ensure you get exactly what you want. From 3D renderings, wax model prototypes, choices in metals, choices in finishes and sizes, you will have the chance to create something uniquely beautiful that you will never see anyone else wearing.


Pendants are one of our specialties. We create a host of pendants, from logo interpretations to stone and crystal pendants. We can help you build the pendant you’ve always wanted to wear. We work with all precious metals and can also do plating to achieve exactly what you’ve got in mind.


Use these as a keepsake for an event, a gift or promotional item. Coins are wonderful ways to commemorate life events and can be done as one sided or two sided pieces.


Need something custom made out of metal for your event or organization? This is your one stop shop. Repeat orders are no problem and creating a sample is a part of the process. Rest assured you will be able to create the promotional product you’ve been looking for.

bring your idea to life

If you’ve got an idea, but just don’t know how to get it going, simply contact us. We will walk you through exactly what it will take to bring your idea to life.